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Okay, so it isn't really US... It's just me: 



I can't help my need to create.  I also don't limit myself to just one thing, or any specialized field.  I agree that there are people out there that spend a great deal of time perfecting what they are good at, and that works for them.  It totally doesn't work for me, or begin to explain how I operate.  I often say that I leave my windows open in my office to let in fresh air and new ideas.  There is no wrong when it comes from your heart, and gets created with your own hands.

I'm a work-at-home single mother of two amazing children and run this business to allow us to be able to do fun things as a family.  While I'm not looking to make a million dollars, I do enjoy taking pride in fueling the 'fun' for our family.  My business has evolved quite a bit since it's conception in 2004.  I began creating and crafting gifts for friends and their various showers and other events.  When they started telling their friends, I knew that I had identified something that would let me scratch my creative itch, have fun, AND make a few bucks.  Night Sky Kids was the first official name, inspired by my own babies.  As they continue to grow and evolve, so do my ideas, skills and vision.  When things in my personal life changed directions, I realized that my business also needed a change... a new look.  I had to find something bright and fun, with a name that completely emcompassed who I am... something with not just one color, but ALL of them!

With that, Two Fish Artistry was hatched.  Two Fish, because I'm a Pisces... Artistry, because what I do is a craft.  I'm always growing, leraning and pushing myself to try new things. 

I take a great deal of pride in bringing only the best to my customers.  I have searched out the softest cottons/fabrics for those kids shirts and quilts, quality absorbant burpers and select 3rd party products that I swear by myself.  I assure you that if its for sale at Two Fish, I've used it, love it, and feel strongly that you will too.  

Please don't hesitate to email me if you are ever looking for something that isn't exactly listed.  I really enjoy custom creations, and love a challenge even more!


Thank you, and happy shopping!!

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